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dear Family 

 An update on the ongoing process of collecting and assembling the magnificent life work of Jim.

eduardo gelbier has helped load and truck the 100s of paintings down to one of the storage units in stamford. Edwina as mentioned earlier and Peter and Emma and I are all doing what we can to gather and bundle. Another storage unit has been taken for all works on paper and those are what the Yale Beinecke library is interested in. As the consultant, Hozie Baskin, ( he is the son of an artist and now achieving his law degree in estates especially of art and cultural value; he was simultaneously recommended by Timothy Young at the Beinecke whom Jim and I met with, and a friend of Oona's and Ben's) defines their mission: they are in it for the long haul ---100 years---and they are voracious! Storage is not a problem. But storing canvasses is not what they do.

Before the Library comes to move the James Stevenson Opus Grandissimo off to New Haven where it will be carefully and properly protected, archived, digitized, and stored for use by researchers one day, an interim archivist Janine St. Germain has been engaged to generally and approximately account for what is coming together in one place ( New York, Cos Cob, Block Island, Guilford ). We will be properly boxing the work over a period of days starting next week.

Exhibiting the work one day will be in the conversation.

To begin with: we are  making sure that every child and step-child will be able to have some of Jim's art---feel assured you ought to be able to select any paintings and several works on paper - cartoons or cover art. The library hopes the children's books manuscripts will be protected as completed works.

By week after next I hope to get you the password to the website with all files of oil paintings. However many paintings you would like, we will try to get those to you. Please make a list of your selections of the pictures by numbers. You might consider:

1) which are the ones you are dying to own

2) would very much like to own

3) wouldn't mind owning

It would be helpful if you can get us such a list by summers' end.

We have about 6 nice watercolors by Grandpa Harvey Stevenson which are not in the file- hoping those will also  find homes. I will try to get you some images.

The estate of the oils will be appraised by an expert quite soon.


The Beinecke is fine with our selecting 2 or 3 New Yorker cover artworks and/or cartoons for each of the family children and step children (11). We will get to that division of art after Janine generally sorts and organizes in a few weeks.

Am hoping this is not too much information for now as we move forward. As each of us is feeling who has witnessed the chunks of Jim's incredible work....you knew and yet it is as Hozie said : AWESOME, in the original sense of the word ...and prolific is an understatement!

Yours, in arte, 












Delivered a freshly framed painting of Jim's to one more office space for visitor benefit


New day

Wings of Hermes handy for Poets House events

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Young Mariners

A show to benefit this Stamford-based foundation giving kids a chance to ply the local waters...at Images old Greenwich


Guilford Salt Marsh, gouache

Congregation on an island at sea




Simultaneous combustion wild profusion of native pink and white foxgloves and recovering mountain laurel.